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Players star in Film !!!

Everard Robinson, Tony and Rita Pearson were extras in the short film "New Gods" directed by Jack Conan Burke of Jack Burke Films. It was filmed at Stoneywell, the latest National Trust property to open in Leicestershire. Filming took place 11, 12 and 13 December. The three 'Players' were there for the 12th. The morning was very cold and wet where filming took place in the woodland area. After lunch filming was actually inside Stoneywell which was far better, and warmer. As there were only the 3 adult extras (Kegworth Players), plus 3 children and 4 professional actors, the Players were more involved than they thought they would be. (They imagined being in crowd scenes with 60 other extras).

"The day was such great fun" said Rita Pearson and hopefully if we are asked again then more of the Society can get involved.


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