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some of our members

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sally e hind

Sally joined the Society in 2009. She is involved in acting, directing and prompting.

Her favourite memory- " doing a 'spanish dance' in a set of 1940s corsets, using 'me false teeth' as castinets (in Womberang written by our much missed local playwright, Sue Townsend)"

Win Churchill

Win joined the Society in 2014. He is involved in acting, set building and directing. His favourite memory - "trying not to corpse as I complained that the cactus was too small ! (in Pull the Other One )"

bill hobbs

Rita Pearson

Rita joined the Society shortly after moving to the Village in 1981. She is the current Chairperson and has previously served as Secretary of the Society. Her favourite memory - " Appearing in Stepping Out, I took the Lisa Minnelli role and it was the first time I had worn tap shoes for 26 years! Bob Dunbar appeared in the play and produced it, his wife Christine taught us the dances. "

Bill joined the Society in 2011 He is involved in acting and set building . His  favourite memory - " when Judith had to slap in the Agatha Christie play 'The Rats' Oh what fun we had!"

chris churchill

chris churchill

clare craven

Photo coming soon

clark jennings

Chris joined the Society in 2014. She is involved in directing, back stage and sound and lights. Her favourite memory - " when the playwright Robert Scott attended our production of his play 'Plan B' and congratulated us on our performance."

Clare joined the Society in 2014. She is involved in acting, set building and backstage. She has played an Angel with a saucepan on her head in 'Plan B' and a pregnant woman in Womberang. She enjoys farces but also enjoys a good whodunnit.

Clark joined the Society in 1994. He is involved in acting set design and build. He says he doesn't have a favourite moment as there have been far too many to choose from but he does enjoy being 'daft' !!

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